Control Might Be Better Than Extermination

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Control has been recommended by the experts. They suggest that it is a lot better than attempting a full-out extermination because it could be like declaring a war that could lead to a WWIII scenario. And like the great scientist said, the next great war will be fought merely with sticks and stones. Termite species across the continent may have joined the mocking chorus that sticks and stones may break their bones but your words never will. But by the time the local termite control palmer tx van rolls into the street, the resident termites can just as well pack its bags, and this time, for good.

Because you see, persistence still pays off. A full-on fumigation of an entire double-storied house may be highly impractical. Apart from getting all the folks to move out of their own house for a few days, there’s no telling how many of them will be coming back. No, not the folks, they live there, after all, the termites. They love old double-storied houses. There’s just so much wood to go around. And one of their favorite hiding places is the house’s staircase bannister. They hide behind the walls too.

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This is an old tradition that has been passed from generation to generation. And while the big shots talk about building higher walls to keep the migrants out, they’ll never be able to keep these migrants out. By the time they disappear, a false sense of hope is instilled. Because they’ve only packed up for the season and next season, they’ll be right back. Right back where they last finished off chewing. But year in and year out termite control patrols might just do the trick. They’ll get so sick and tired of this, they might not bother coming back.