Making The Perfect Bathroom Getaway

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For men the getaway is the garage.  For women it is the bathroom.  It is there they can soak their day away, have a few moments of peace and quiet as well as take care of what it is they need to manage.  This is why when considering a home remodel the bathroom is top on the list.  The question becomes then what options and choices do we have when considering bathroom remodeling vista ca.

The Basic Plan

When it comes to planning the perfect bathroom it comes down to a plan.  For most women the plan involves a large bathtub in which to soak in. 

The tub is probably the primary decision when designing the bathroom.  It is the centerpiece as it were.  It will be the main thing used in the room so it needs to be perfect.  From there we will need to decision the toilet and vanity. 

The toilet and vanity are typically right next to each other.  The question will become where they will reside in the bathroom.  Depending on the space in the bathroom a good idea would to put them behind a partition wall.  This partition wall would separate the bathtub and vanity. 

Colors and balance

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Once the initial layout is decided we need to talk about colors and balances.  The color of the bathroom is typically white.  However, when remodeling you may want to go with an eggshell or a tope.  A splash of color will also add some flavor to the room.  The balance will come with your accessories.  These are faucets, towel rods and even the towels and soap dishes. 

When it comes to designing your bathroom you really need to know what it is you want, the feeling you want to achieve and the budget you have to work with.  With the bathroom being the most used room in the house next to the bedroom, make it your own.