When Mr. & Mrs. Smith Locked Themselves Out

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Meet Mr. and Mrs. Smith. No, not the Pitts, they got divorced a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away from you and the rest of the St Paul community. You may not have met Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but there they were. They were standing in an empty parking lot, not having the foggiest clue of what to do next. You see, they had gone and locked themselves out of their old jalopy. Only an hour or so later did the locksmith st paul mn van pitch up. The lateness of the hour was not the fault of the locksmith.

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You see, the mall manager and his security crew only noticed these two old dodderers much later on, tottering around in circles not knowing what to do. And like monkeys in a zoo, they kept on peering through their bifocals and dusty windows trying to see just where the heck they left the car keys. They see nothing, blind as two old bats. But there it is, right over there, can’t you see it ma’am, right there on your front seat. The mall manager and his security crew now have enough sense not to play at cowboys and jackhammers by trying to prise open the car’s front door with a piece of wire.

That’s still one of the oldest and fastest tricks by the dirty burglars in town. The locksmith does this too but only he uses the right tools. These leave no scratches or marks on the car doors and windows and they certainly don’t damage the locks. Mr. and Mr. Smith, after being escorted home were just too tired for supper that night, they simply flopped into bed. How did they get in? someone forgot to lock the door.